Individual Counseling

Life can be incredibly hard. Sometimes we have tough decisions to make. Sometimes we have difficult people around us(or we might be difficult people). Sometimes we can feel hopeless or frustrated or incredibly sad. Sometimes we just don’t feel “normal”.

When things get hard, it can help to have someone safe to talk to. Therapy is process where you can talk to a compassionate, nonjudgmental person and get healthy, encouraging feedback. Let’s work through problems in a way that is catered to you. It may be challenging. It may be painful. But I’m always on your side and I’m always working to help you feel better and move towards your goals. Some of the issues I can help you with include, but are not limited to:

Personality Disorder
Abusive Relationships
Issues with Family of Origin
Workplace Anxieties/social issues
Financial Stress
Racial/Cultural Issues and Microagressions
Physical/Emotional Traumas
Recent Medical Diagnosis
Childhood Abuse
Sexual Traumas
Issues of Aging
Life Transitions
Substance Abuse
Gender Identity
Sexual Identity